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A New Production line of Quality Black and Red Brangus



*GeneStar Black for Coat Colour Test
(Genotype for Red and Black Gene)
*GeneStar MVP'S for Genetic Improvements
(Feed Efficiency, Marbling, and Tenderness)
(Growth Performance 200 400 600 Days and Mature Cow weights)
(Birth Weight Calving Ease)
(Fertilty Equals Gestation Days to Calving, and Scrotal Size)
(EMA) Eye Muscle Area, Rib Fat, Rump Fat, (RBY) Retail Beef Yield and
(IMF) Intramuscular Fat

The new "Completeness of Performance" product forms one component in a suite of quality assurance products that are being developed by staff at the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI), in association with both Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS) and Tropical Beef Technology Services (TBTS), in order to maintain the on going integrity of BREEDPLAN EBVs.


Individual herds receiving a star rating on a 0 - 5 scale (including half stars) that summarises the"completeness" of their performance information. Herds with a star rating of "5" are considered to be gold standard and are recording "complete" performance information for all animals across all traits for which EBVs are available.


There's No Better Way to Get Performance into Your Herd then using Breedplan


Next Best Way is to Buy from Seed-stock producers who Do

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Hallelujah is focused on only using the best performance recorded genetic EBV  

animals from Australia and America in our AI and Sire paddock breeding program, results breed results.


Hallelujah is the first Brangus Stud in Australia who has tested their entire breeding herd and all of their calves for Genotype (Coat colour), and also for MVP's (Molecular Value Predictions) for Feed Efficiency, Marbling, and Tenderness, plus all the calves born since 2010 and we aim to keep testing every calf now and into the future. 

This is to ensure that no Black animals have a Red gene to pass on to their offspring or buyers of our cattle, plus with MVP's your seeing the genetic potential of the cattle we (Hallelujah) are breeding. 

Let Hallelujah give you the confidence in your investment, benefit from DNA tested genotype for (Coat Colour) and MVPs (Molecular Value Predictions) for Feed Efficiency, Marbling and Tenderness, now and into the future because client satisfaction is important to us.  

If you are aiming to breed black cattle, the ideal way to eliminate red genotype Ed/e and red coat colour from your herd is to select only black animals that carry the Ed/Ed (Homozygote black) genotype. Hallelujah only sell Black Stud animals that are genotype Ed/Ed (Homozygote black) and Red Stud animals that have the recessive Red gene e/e (Homozygous red).


Hallelujah is able to ensure their clients 100% Black or Red genotype Sires and Dams with geneStar black. Hallelujah's clients have already been receiving this service since June 2009.


Hallelujah is all about breeding calm cattle, because Calm cattle Produce Better Beef. Plus Hallelujah will have geneStar MVP's to back up the genetic side for Feed Efficiency, Marbling and Tenderness.










GeneSTAR Molecular Value Predictions (MVPs)


GeneSTAR has come a long way since the first DNA marker commercially available for marbling (M1) in 2000. By 2006 GeneSTAR included four markers each for three traits, and in 2009 the move was made away from testing single markers to analysing panels of markers which provide more accurate predictions of genetic potential for these traits.


GeneSTAR results are now reported as Molecular Value Predictions, which estimate genetic differences for the traits of feed efficiency, marbling and tenderness based on the 55 marker panel.


How Can GeneSTAR MVPs benefit you?


*GeneSTAR MVPs can be used for assessing genetic merit and making more informed selection decisions


*GeneSTAR MVPs are a powerful and practical tool to capitalise on DNA marker technology and accelerate genetic improvement


*Breeders can use GeneSTAR MVPs to identify their best performing animals at an early age, and reduce generation interval


Summary of Results


This shows the percentile rank of each animal for each trait and is a visual representation of the results. It offers the owner or potential purchaser of a animal an easy snapshot of the animal’s genetic potential.


Hallelujah openly passes on all results of their sale animals for potential buyers or purchaser of any animal.


We will be using MVP results information as another selection tool to allow us to fine tune our advancement towards genetic excellence.


Hallelujah has no intention of using MVPs as a single selection tool its just another tool of many to help fine tune our cattle's performance. MVP information is all about individual animals in our herd and it describes our cattle's genetic potential. 


With MVPs the highest or lowest values are not necessarily the best, Hallelujah will always use visual appraisal and pedigree merits first.


Hallelujah's breeding management path will continue to weigh all animals for growth performance, measure every animal for frame size, and always visually assess each animal for both structure and temperament, we also look forward to comparing MVP information against individual animals on their other types of performance with years of documented record keeping.


An example Summary of results report can be seen below:


We have broken the Summary of Results form into three parts.


1. Shows Breeders details and the Breed reference group of the cattle tested, plus Job number and date tested.


2. Shows the percentile rank of each animal for each trait.


3: Shows where the animal ranks on the scale 100% being less favourable and Top 1% being most favourable. Plus Pfizers details and a break down of what the tests mean.














 Please Visit Pfizer Animal Genetics click HERE


Pfizer now Zoetis staff are great people and have great freindly service there so supportive of your DNA goals for your cattle and from my own experience there success is your success. 


For more information please call one of the freindly Pfizer staff members at the office on (07) 3633 3509. (Charlie or Andrea) 



An animal that carries the Ed/Ed genotype (Homozygote Black) will always have black coat colour and will always have black progeny. This is because black is the dominant gene and as the animal carries two of the same alleles, one will always be passed on to progeny, and this will be expressed in progeny regardless of the genotype of the other parent.

An animal that carries the Ed/E+ genotype will have black coat colour, but is called a Black Carrier because the Wild Gene is also present. If an animal with this genotype is mated to another Black Carrier, there is a 25% possibility that progeny may be red. If mated to a red animal, 50% of progeny will be black and 50% red. If mated to a Homozygote Black animal, all progeny will be black. 

An E+/E+ animal is called Wild Type because the dominant black gene is not present, so the animal may in fact be any colour. If a breeders preference is for red animals then this is the optimal Black Gene genotype for producing red progeny. 

GeneSTAR BLACK is a test to determine an animal’s genotype for red and black coat colours. They test for two separate genes that work together to determine an animal’s coat colour, in simple terms what they call the Black Gene and the Red Gene. 

The internationally recognised method for reporting these results uses the following three marker identifiers: 



Represents dominant black coat colour ( Ed/Ed is the best for Black cattle ) 


Represents the wild type gene  


Represents the recessive red gene ( e/e is the best for Red cattle ) 

All of Hallelujah's Bull's and Female's at point of sale will show what genotype they are for you. 

Hallelujah's clients have already been receiving this service since June 2009. 


RED Gene

An animal that carries the E+/E+ genotype for the
Red Gene is known as a Wild Type. If this animal is also a wild type for the Black Gene, then it may be any colour, as neither the red nor black genes are present.  

An animal with the E+/e genotype is called a Red Carrier. The coat colour of this animal depends on its genotype for the Black Gene, but if the animal is a wild type for the Black Gene then it will be red.  

An e/e animal is Homozygous Red. This animal will display a red coat colour if it is a Wild Type for the Black Gene. All progeny of an animal with this genotype will be Red Carriers, and will be red if they have no copies of the dominant black Ed allele on the Black Gene.


How they work together

Any animal that carries even one black allele will be black because the black gene is dominant over all others. If you are aiming to breed black cattle, the ideal way to eliminate
red geneotype Ed/e and red coat colour from your herd is to select only animals that carry the Ed/Ed (Homozygote black) genotype  

If only one parent is homozygous for the Black Gene, all progeny will still express black coat colour, even if they pick up a non-black alleles from the other parent.  

When breeding two Black Carrier animals, there is a 25% chance that progeny will be red. Two thirds of black coated progeny from this match will carry the Wild Type gene, and so could produce red progeny themselves if joined with other Black Carrier animals.  

Animals that are red Carriers or red Homozygotes will only express red coat colour if they carry the Wild Type genotype for the Black Gene.



Hallelujah gives clients new or repeat all reports of DNA results for the testing we are doing on our cattle.

Hallelujah encourages feedback from their new or repeat client's and aim to help new or repeat buyers achieve their Brangus breeding goals, whether it is stud, commercial or cross, by providing vital information and key factors into their herd.